! The challenge in this unblocked game is quite cruel and tough. There is no mercy, no compassion. Especially if you are a clumsy newbie, there is no chance for you to live for one minute longer. They will kill you within short minutes. Therefore you should learn how to play the in the best possible way to defend yourself while trying to kill others.

In the beginning, each player spawns on the battleground in a standard size. They grow and get stronger as they eat foods available on the arena. Strong players have better hitting effects.

How to play ? Game controls and tips

The ASDW or arrow keys let you move your player across the game arena while left-click enables you to hit your enemies. A right-click helps you sprint to reach out to escaping players as well as to escape attacks by strong players. No additional action is needed to collect coins. Just walk over and you will be credited.

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