is an awesome unblocked at the school game which is also known as or in which you need to be last standing man against numerous other online players from all over the world. At the beginning of the play you can choose your server and if you want to be part of one team you can create your own team or just join one, however, if you want to play as a lone wolf you can choose solo one. The basic principle is the game is so easy, kill your enemies destroy them all! A weapon will be so much helpful to survive move around to map and find one then shoot your enemies!

How To Play Surviv ?

If you want to play some fun games in your free times then you can play whenever you want. You are going to control a man made of jelly in this game. Your goal is to punch your enemies to death. It is possible to stun your enemies and players can go into a rage mode for a limited time. Your goal is to eliminate the most enemies and have the highest score on the map. In case you will be eliminated, you have to start from the beginning. Keep in mind that you can perform different combos in order deal more damage in this game.

Survivio ScreenShot

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